Six Biggest Scams of 2022

It’s dangerous out there!  Have a look at the Hottest Scams that are taking advantage of good people like you!   1. FPL Scam  This introduction to the top 6 scams and the FPL SCAM hits home for me since my parents just became victims of this scam. Do NOT provide any information to someone […]

Drugs Update July 14

We’ll tell you more about what’s happening with Medicare’s drug costs and pricing as well as providing some good news about your Part B premium decrease for 2023.

Medicare Dental Plans

Have a look at some of the key features you need to consider when picking a Dental Plan. Things like benefit amount, waiting periods, basic versus major issues and more!

Medicare Part D – The Prescription Drug Program

Learn more about the Part D (Rx Drug) program. There are 4 coverage stages you need to be aware of: Deductible, Initial Coverage, Coverage Gap, and Catastrophic stages. We’ll explain what your Out of Pocket costs will be during these phases of your part D drug plan.  Have a look at this very important introduction […]

Medicare Minute for October 10

Good news! The Medicare COLA (cost of living adjustment) will increase 8.7% and will mean about an extra $150 per month ort most folks. And it gets better! The Part B Premiums will go down to $164 from over $170 for most folks. AND the Part B Deductible is going down to $226 on Jan […]