Six Biggest Scams of 2022

It’s dangerous out there!  Have a look at the Hottest Scams that are taking advantage of good people like you!  

1. FPL Scam 

This introduction to the top 6 scams and the FPL SCAM hits home for me since my parents just became victims of this scam. Do NOT provide any information to someone over the phone you do not know and/or cannot verify.

2. Google Voice Scam 

Scammers will try to contact you via social media in response to an ad or post you may have made and ask you to verify information to get a Google Voice account set up in your name to perpetuate fraud and scams using your identity and making it hard to find the real scammers. 

3. Favor for a Friend Scam

We get these texts and emails frequently making it sound “urgent” and asking you to buy a gift card and provide them the information on those cards, etc. They proport themselves to be a “granddaughter” or “grandson” or other family member or friend who is in trouble, asking you to send them money, etc.

4. Local Tax Imposter Scam

In this nefarious scam, may get a phone call or email notifying you that you owe the IRS money and to avoid arrest, you must pay immediately or purchase “gift cards” to settle the outstanding debt. Or you may be told that there is a warrant out for your arrest and to pay immediately to avoid arrest. The Government will NEVER call or email you to threaten you with an arrest. 

5. Crypto Currency Scam

There is so much we don’t know about cryptocurrency and the scammers know this and will try to get you to use an ATM to pay a ‘past due’ payment or ‘handling fee’ via cryptocurrency. DON’T FALL FOR IT.

6. Fake Amazon Employee Scam

You receive an email, text, call, or message via social media telling you that your Amazon account has ‘suspicious activity’ or ‘unauthorized purchases’ and instruct you to click on the link and update your password and/or to verify your account information. DO NOT FALL FOR IT PEOPLE!